Streamline workflows, centralise your processes, and enhance collaboration: Across Quality, HSE, Security, Financial, Operability, Operational Excellence, Asset and Operational Integrity teams.



Over 130 aviation customers around the world



8 out of the top 10 oil & gas companies use our products



1,000,000 users of our software applications



40% of the top 10 chemical companies use MIT products


Regulatory compliance and associated risk mitigation are top agenda items for carriers, fleet owners, leasing companies, charter operators, and CAMO operators.


Our Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System (OASES) is used by more than 130 aviation organisations in 55 countries across 6 continents.

We help you prove compliance
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OASES offers a series of standalone or complete stack modules across:

  1. Compliance
  2. EHS and Process Safety
  3. Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
MIT Group aviation


MIT Group oil and gas

Safety, continuous improvement and innovation are critical requirements in the oil and gas industry.


Drive operational excellence, reliability, and efficiency by improving compliance stance for process safety and risk management requirements applicable worldwide. Manage risk management metrics to enhance sustainable operations.

We help you manage operation intelligence and improve risk mitigation
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VisiumKMS is a web-based software solution designed to drive continuous improvement and monitor leading risk indicators for:

  1. Quality, HSSE, PSM, Operability, Operational Excellence, Security, Asset & Operational Integrity, and Operational Risk Management teams.


Compliance with CGMP, FDA, ISO and other global guidelines contextualise daily operations.


Achieving and sustaining compliance with these regulations demands a joined-up thread of continual improvement in processes, running through every part of the business.

VisiumKMS is a web-based software solution designed to work the way you work to manage quality and risk across the entire lifecycle of your products; mitigating costly errors and reducing operational complexities to keep your employees, your operations and your reputation safe
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VisiumKMS provides global audit, collaboration, corrective actions software and continuous improvement solutions that work the way you do wherever your operations and suppliers are located.

  1. Collaborate with subject matter experts to ensure through review
  2. Drive continuous improvement in Process Safety Management and Risk Management Planning
  3. Automate the tracking and closure of corrective and preventive actions, recommendations, and assurance checklists
MIT Group chemical manufacture


MIT Group general manufacturing

With the reliance that manufacturing companies place on global networks of specialised contract manufacturers, it is critical at all times to prevent supply chain interruptions due to nonconformance.


A robust enterprise-quality auditing and corrective action software infrastructure is core to such prevention.

We provide the visibility you need, to avoid the problems you can't afford to have
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VisiumKMS provides global audit, collaboration, corrective actions software and continuous improvement solutions that work the way you do wherever your operations and suppliers are located.

  1. Manage operation intelligence and improve risk mitigation
  2. Minimise nonconformance and supply chain interruptions
  3. Monitor and improve any process through a highly-configurable, single web-based platform


Adherence to safety and compliance mandates, while contending with rising operational costs, production efficiency, product safety and quality, is a heady mix of complexity. Somewhere in your data lies simplicity. Knowing how to achieve it is not always straightforward. We get you to the finish line faster; the starting point of a connected organisation with one view of reality.

VisiumKMS is a management tool that enables food and beverage manufacturers to improve quality, safety, and compliance, and to manage business process optimisation initiatives
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  1. FSMA FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Compliance and reporting
  2. Operational excellence
  3. Quality management
MIT Group food and beverage


Effective security management depends on robust, intelligent monitoring and alarm handling. Pressing issues also arise in rapid response customer support in domestic settings.


Through vigorous and continuous investment into the technology and product suite, Innovative Security Manager™ enables operational excellence in Alarm Handing/Incident Management, Task/Resource Management, Mapping, Video & Floorplans.

A single, integrated task and management platform employed by alarm receiving centres/monitoring stations, public safety answering points (PSAP, 1-1-2), law enforcement, fire departments, public emergency management agencies, airports and industrial facilities.

Our security solutions enable any organisation, for whom public safety and service are frontline concerns, to gain the full operational picture of essential security tasks and resources in real time, providing:

  1. A reliable and integrated backbone for operations centres
  2. Improved security performance and economy
  3. Documentation and analysis of all security incidents